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Our mission is to address poverty and support poverty resolution in the lives of families, adults, and the community.

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Currently 15% of Augusta Families live at or below the poverty line. Bright Futures Families of Augusta is a relationship based initiative to help Augusta families walk out of poverty. 

As part of the BFF model, heads of families living in poverty become leaders. BFF leaders set goals that will allow them to permanently increase their earned income.  At the Bright Futures Families weekly meetings, childcare is provided, a meal is shared and BFF leaders receive training to work towards their goals with the committed friendship of the "Friendtors".

"Friendtors" are people who are not experiencing poverty that commit to building a friendship with the BFF leader as they work their way out of poverty. Bright Futures Families believes in the evidence that friendships are crucial for people to journey completely out of poverty. This model focuses on multi-generational poverty resolution and it strengthens communities in the process by bringing people together. Join us in helping Augusta families walk out of poverty and build a vibrant community.

General Information

We meet every Thursday from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Augusta United Methodist Church, 2420 N. Ohio Street. We partner with community groups to provide a meal and childcare every Thursday night. 

The value of Bright Futures Families is in the people involved. The adults in our classes lead their way out of poverty and inspire others by doing so. Our volunteers and financial partners invest time and resources to support the courage and work our families are doing to build a bright future out of poverty. 

Interested in joining the class, volunteering, or partnering with Bright Futures Families? 
Contact Bright Futures Families Director, Heather Plaza at 316.312.9464 or Bright Futures Families Coach, Mark Kenyon at 316.619.3157