Do everything in love.





1 Corinthians 16:14

Our Pastor and church staff desire to make each wedding ceremony a beautiful, meaningful and special worship service. Planning in advance will help both the wedding party and those on the church staff to coordinate all efforts in an efficient and organized manner. 

  • Contact the church office to schedule a date and reserve the desired facilities.
  • Contact the officiating minister to secure his/her services and to arrange for required pre-marital counseling appointments. Our Pastor, Steve Spencer, is the preferred officiant. Ministers from other denominations may assist in the wedding ceremony. Special permission is sometimes granted to outside Ministers. The Staff Wedding Consultant must be present for all weddings and rehearsals.


  • It is understood that your wedding is taking place in a Church, and not a wedding venue. Furnishings in the chapel/sanctuary and surrounding areas may not be moved or re-arranged in anyway without prior authorization.
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the church and surrounding property.
  • Be sure to bring the marriage license to the church at the time of the rehearsal.
  • If a wedding bulletin is desired, it is the responsibility of the wedding party.
  • Music is a beautiful and important part of the wedding service. Consequently, it is suggested that the music be carefully selected in consultation with the Staff Wedding Consultant or the Pastor.


Wedding receptions may be held at the church. Table cloths are the responsibility of the wedding party. No church table cloths are available. The church must be cleared of clothing, decorations and food remains immediately following the reception. (This is not the responsibility of the custodial staff.)


AUMC has a variety of rooms that are available for use to individuals (members and non-members) and non-profit organizations. Our ministry programming takes precedence when requesting a reservation. To inquire about availability and best space for your event contact Beth Wallingford or call the church office.